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Daniel Lee

Daniel lee is a highly motivated digital marketeer with over 10 years experience in the digital domain. Coming from a computing background he has a comprehensive understanding of both web and digital disciplines, aiding the analysis of projects and using tech to market products digitally. His experience and understanding has lead him to manage large web projects, develop brands and design customer journeys that increase engagement and ROI. Linkedin:



Judo Payments builds and launches first mobile payments SDK for Xamarin

14 March, London 2015 – Judo Payments (“Judo”,, Europe’s only mobile-first payments platform, today announces the launch of its mobile app payments software development kit (SDK) for mobile development solution Xamarin.

As mobile experts, judo has seen a growing demand for Xamarin Components globally. This is why judo has independently built a payment SDK for the Xamarin platform. The SDK will initially be tailored for Android with the roll-out of SDKs for other platforms currently in development.

The SDK enables companies to offer secure in-app payment by debit and credit card that can be branded to match the overall user experience. Judo’s payments platform is used by top retailers to make paying faster, easier and more secure on any mobile device. With the new judo SDK for Xamarin, companies can substantially accelerate native mobile development using one shared C# codebase and easily integrate conversion-boosting mobile first payments to increase sales.”

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Cart abandonment rates and 3D Secure

Picture yourself in the supermarket, wandering up and down the aisles merrily filling your trolley with the things you need and probably a few things you don’t. You finish your shopping and head for the checkout. Upon seeing the queues you change your mind, deciding that actually, you do not want to wait and instead upturn your trolley in the middle of the aisle and walk out of the store in search of a better, faster shopping experience somewhere else.

This may sound like a rather drastic scenario, but it is happening on mobile phones every day. People are becoming frustrated with their mobile shopping experience and are abandoning their full shopping carts before completing their purchase. As much as 80% of all shopping carts on smartphones were abandoned during the 2014 holiday season in the UK. This is known as Cart Abandonment.

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