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Lewis Mills

Lewis makes sure all accounts are set up securely and keeps them that way. Suspicious or fraudulent transactions won’t escape Lewis’s careful surveillance. He’s a graduate of History & Politics, and has been helping companies in establishing and improving processes since. He’s also a severe coffee addict and an avid reader.



“In-app” or “In an app” payments?

‘I’m building an app for the iPhone. Apple say they’re charging 30% transaction fees, so how can judo charge 2.4% + 20p? Is that in addition to the 30%?’

The short answer: The 30% charge only applies to what Apple call ‘In-app’ payments.

The slightly longer answer: If you’re selling digital goods that are delivered and consumed within the app, you can qualify for what Apple and Google call In-app payments. They can process these transactions for you with a 30% transaction fee.

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Mobile trends series part 1: The everyday sale

Mobile trends are ever changing, and we want to help keeping up with them a little easier for you. In this Mobile Trend series, we look into how mobile is impacting different markets, and give you a better idea of how to make an app a big hit among your target consumers.

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The spinny wheel effect

You’re thinking of closing this tab already. I didn’t give you a juicy stat in my opening sentence. I haven’t given you anything useful yet and we’re already 28 words in. Who has time for this nonsense? You’ve lost interest. You’re gone.

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Keeping safe on the mobile map

By · 18 March, 2014

Walking through a dodgy neighbourhood twenty years ago could see you losing your wallet and maybe a few teeth – those were the days!

Now there is much more at stake and the risks are not just on the bad side of town; in fact, our research shows that in the mobile age we are just as vulnerable on the high-street as we are down the side-alley.

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Right here, right now – capturing the mobile customer

By · 14 January, 2014

‘Tablets have become the mobile device choice for consumers shopping online. Those using tablets treat them like a PC, comparing products and making purchases,’ writes Laurie Sullivan at, a view backed by stats informing us that ‘online shoppers are three times more likely to make a purchase on a tablet compared with a smartphone’ and that ‘Tablets drive about 20% more average spending than smartphones.’ BPKH7G4U3YFV

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This is not a tablet – the real mobile shopping experience

By · 27 December, 2013

Apps are like parties. A poorly designed app is like a party where some of the guests have drunk too much; they’re falling down and breaking everything.

In the banquet hall of the spacious tablet screen you have enough room to avoid these characters. You have better navigational and input tools with which to give them the slip. You can just about ignore them whilst still completing your task and making your purchase.

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Mobile payments – The future and your security

By · 05 October, 2013

Chip and PIN machines are losing their grip in the payments industry, thanks to mobile payments gaining momentum and promising to make daily transactions much quicker and more convenient. But even the smoothest payment method will be shunned if people have little confidence in its security. So when it comes to your card details, what level of safety can you expect in the near future?

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