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Luke Fieldsend

Luke Fieldsend developed keen interest at mobile development after he joined a team writing construction management applications using Xamarin (A fancy way of saying iPad apps for builders). At judo, Luke heads up SDK development for the Xamarin platform. His mission is to provide a clean, no fuss way of embedding payments any where you need them.



What I learned writing my first SDK

This summer, I came across an opportunity to write my first SDK, so I leapt at it. As developers, there is something very appealing about writing software for use by other developers. It might be because of the sense of solidarity that you’ve made life easier for sisters/brothers in code, or the thrill of a backseat driver finally getting a chance at the wheel. That is until the realisation that the demographic you’re serving will also be the best equipped to critique your output, this is especially true when producing an open source repository.

So below are some lessons (some key, some trivial) that I learned while coding judo’s Xamarin SDK.

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