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The app development cycle

The app development process is a complex project. There is no single recipe for success in the mobile world, where innovation is always the order of the day.

But here at judo we have used our hands-on knowledge as well as speaking to experts in the field, interviewing developers and getting comprehensive feedback from our client base – all of which has given us some real insight into the development process of successful m-commerce projects.

From our research we have been able to identify the essential stages for anyone starting their app development process. We’ve presented our findings in this infographic, taking you through the flow of development from the original idea to your apps release and beyond.

If you’re an app developer, share it with your clients. If you’re an entrepreneur or someone looking to make a start with apps, we hope this infographic helps you get started. If you’d like to discuss any of our conclusions, contact one of our payment experts here.

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trillion apps would have been downloaded by 2015


of all online sales happen from mobile devices

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