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The world of mobile card payments is not always crystal clear. Making it straightforward is at the top of judo’s agenda. With accurate information and resourceful visuals, these bites are digested effortlessly.

The app development cycle

The app development process is a complex project. There is no single recipe for success in the mobile world, where innovation is always the order of the day.

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Increasing customer loyalty on mobile

No pain no gain – This historically could apply to native apps but today our app developers make this easy. We’ve always seen businesses question using native apps as their mobile strategy. If a web app is cheaper and easier to maintain, wouldn’t it be a no-brainer to go with web apps over native apps?

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Does your business have a mobile strategy?

The mobile revolution is within touching distance. A customer focused business should not get left behind and a mobile strategy that appropriately compliments the company can keep you moving forward.

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m-com snapshots


of smartphone owners have shared their location with retailers by using the map feature on a retail app, via a check-in service

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