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At judo, we love to share knowledge and help steer you through all things mobile. Every month one of our team members simplifies a topic that we get asked and walks you through it.

Which Apple devices support Apple Pay?

Overview of which Apple devices have support for Apple Pay.

Commonly asked questions around mobile payments

Dennis Jones, CEO of judo payments answers some common questions around mobile commerce and mobile payments.

So, what is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has taken the world of commerce by storm, paying for items with a fingerprint might be outlandish but what exactly is Apple Pay and how does it work?

Benefits of Apple Pay

Apple Pay is officially here. With all of the talk about Apple Pay we discuss the benefits for both businesses and consumers.

How does tokenization work?

How is tokenization used to secure mobile payments? Dennis Jones, CEO of judo payments explains how tokenization is used by payment service providers and merchants.

Judo made it incredibly easy to integrate card acceptance into our client’ s iOS application. We were impressed by the user optimised interfaces that conformed to the excellent level of design.

Stuart Scott
CEO, Intohand

m-com snapshots


increase would be seen in the number of commerce apps if integrating card payments was simpler.

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