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At judo, we love to share knowledge and help steer you through all things mobile. Every month one of our team members simplifies a topic that we get asked and walks you through it.

Super grannies love queue busting app by Hummus Bros

Grannies love the queue busting power of the new hummus bros app. The in-app payment is powered by judo payments and is built for anyone who is always on the move and too busy to queue. Payments so simple even your gran can do it.

Understanding payments terminologies: Part 2

Our last payments terminologies video has received wide popularity. So here is another one that includes more payments terminologies, specifically explaining what these terminologies mean to payments on mobile.

Covered in this video – AVS, velocity check, acquiring bank, issuing bank.

What is iBeacon?

We’ve all heard it in the past year, beacon technology presents major opportunity for various industries. But what exactly is it and how does it work? How is iBeacon different from NFC? And what are the restrictions of this technology?

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Understanding the loyalty acquisition model

So you’ve developed an app for your brand. What should your marketing effort focus on? Should you spend the time and money on getting a massive amount of downloads, or should you put those resources into building loyalty so your customers will keep coming back to spend more via your app?

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How do you combat mobile fraud?

Having the convenience of taking card payments comes the unfortunate risk of fraud. And with the rise of mobile payments, preventing mobile-specific fraud requires a different strategy.

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Judo made it incredibly easy to integrate card acceptance into our client’ s iOS application. We were impressed by the user optimised interfaces that conformed to the excellent level of design.

Stuart Scott
CEO, Intohand

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increase would be seen in the number of commerce apps if integrating card payments was simpler.

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