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At judo, we love to share knowledge and help steer you through all things mobile. Every month one of our team members simplifies a topic that we get asked and walks you through it.

What are chargebacks?

‘Chargeback’ is a scary term for retailers, but it doesn’t have to be.If you understand how the process works and who the agents involved are, chargebacks become a lot more manageable (and avoidable).

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Confused about m-commerce?

Struggling to get your head around mobile commerce? Michael from judo is here to decode m-commerce; the delivery of processing a transaction via a mobile device.

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How mobile payments work

In this video we discuss the components involved in processing a payment, the communication protocols between different parties and finally an example of a transaction to show the flow of information.

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Native vs web app

The choice of deployment model needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis. Each business will have different requirements that will govern which deployment model works best for your business.

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Ingredients of a successful mobile app

Mobile pundits often say that consumers use mobile to research and compare but go on desktops to process the transaction. The burning question is why? It has been made into such a challenge to do a simple action: buy.

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Judo made it incredibly easy to integrate card acceptance into our client’ s iOS application. We were impressed by the user optimised interfaces that conformed to the excellent level of design.

Stuart Scott
CEO, Intohand

m-com snapshots


increase would be seen in the number of commerce apps if integrating card payments was simpler.

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