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Seven ways that restaurants can take advantage of mobile

If you haven’t heard, we’re running a restaurant giveaway this month – a free branded app with pre-loaded features that are beneficial to any restaurant, big or small, plus one year of free card processing up to £100,000. (If you’re interested, click here to find out more.) An app is the best possible tool for any restaurant to distill and retain its customers’ loyalty, but of course it is not the be all and end all of a mobile strategy. Which is why we are sharing this post with you, to give you some idea of how you as a restaurant owner can leverage mobile as a revenue channel.

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Mobile channels: the different development options for your mobile strategy

This post is the second part of a series dedicated to explaining how to develop a successful mobile strategy that brings you more conversion. Click here for part 1 where we looked at some examples of company that have gone mobile first, and why they have made that move.

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Does your restaurant need a mobile app?

Most restaurants now have a  website and social media presence. Those channels have become the basic standard methods for promoting a restaurant. But if you really want to stand out from the crowd and foster customer loyalty, a mobile app is the answer. The article below briefly explains why you need an app and how to reap the full benefit of having one:

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Businesses are going mobile-first. Are you?

Being mobile-first is all about knowing which mobile channel works best for your customers’ needs and how to align your mobile strategy to match. Having a mobile strategy is becoming fundamental to developing a business that is fit for future customer needs. Often a company sees their mobile strategy as just an extension of their internet strategy. They neglect to see that mobile builds new opportunities and have changed consumer behaviour. This shift to mobile has unlock new economic potential. But of course we are going to say that. After all, here at judo we spend all day thinking, talking and creating in mobile. Therefore, here are a few other companies that have developed great mobile strategies, and their reasons for developing their mobile channels. The snapshots below will give you an idea of what your business can achieve if you develop a great mobile strategy. This is the first part of a series dedicated to explaining how to develop a successful mobile strategy that brings you more conversion.

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“In-app” or “In an app” payments?

‘I’m building an app for the iPhone. Apple say they’re charging 30% transaction fees, so how can judo charge 2.4% + 20p? Is that in addition to the 30%?’

The short answer: The 30% charge only applies to what Apple call ‘In-app’ payments.

The slightly longer answer: If you’re selling digital goods that are delivered and consumed within the app, you can qualify for what Apple and Google call In-app payments. They can process these transactions for you with a 30% transaction fee.

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Mobile trends series part 1: The everyday sale

Mobile trends are ever changing, and we want to help keeping up with them a little easier for you. In this Mobile Trend series, we look into how mobile is impacting different markets, and give you a better idea of how to make an app a big hit among your target consumers.

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Amazon vs. The rest of the world

This week I attended a roundtable event hosted by Tech City News. The agenda was mobile commerce with a focus on the fashion retail world. The outcome was liberating: a unanimous agreement that we need to switch from a technology-led to a consumer-led approach. Consumer trends should inform tech trends and not the other way around.

In this diverse crowd of innovative start-ups, established retailers, savvy investors and a bank thrown in for good measure, we all came to the same question: consumers are increasingly omni-channel, so how do we learn about and offer the ideal customer journey across these channels?

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How a retailer’s mobile app could be its best friend

How many apps do you have on your phone? I have tons and  I am constantly thinking of ways businesses can make them better.  ‘Was this specifically designed for users?’ is what I think businesses should keep in mind at the designing stage of app development. The below article captures my thoughts very well.

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Satisfy your ‘App’etite for customers

Walk down Brick Lane in East London, and the curry touting scene along the way will sure leave you a bad taste. Yes, it’s tough to stand out from the restaurant pack, but what if we tell you that it does not have to be painful and ugly? What if we tell you that you can also be the leader of the pack?

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How app developers can win clients

Finding viable new clients for your mobile app is tough enough. Then there’s the not-so-small matter of convincing them why mobile is so important anyway – what with only 1 in 10 UK retailers even bothering to optimise their website for mobile – and on top of that you’ve then got to make them see why an optimised web doesn’t really cut it anyway, what they need is a whole other platform, namely the app you’re going to build for them.

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