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Implement Apple Pay in 7 minutes with Judo

Learn how easy it is to implement Apple Pay with the Judo SDKs

Getting started with Apple Pay with Judo

In this video we discuss the basics of Apple Pay and what is required to get started with using Apple Pay both in-app (card not present) and in-store (card present).

How to register a card on Apple Pay

Find out how to register a card on Apple Pay

So, what is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has taken the world of commerce by storm, paying for items with a fingerprint might be outlandish but what exactly is Apple Pay and how does it work?

Super grannies love queue busting app by Hummus Bros

Grannies love the queue busting power of the new hummus bros app. The in-app payment is powered by judo payments and is built for anyone who is always on the move and too busy to queue. Payments so simple even your gran can do it.

What is iBeacon?

We’ve all heard it in the past year, beacon technology presents major opportunity for various industries. But what exactly is it and how does it work? How is iBeacon different from NFC? And what are the restrictions of this technology?

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What is 3D secure? Should it be used on mobile?

If you had purchased an item or service online before, then you would most likely have encountered 3D Secure during the payment process. But do you know how 3D Secure affects your business’ conversion rate?

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Benefits of a mobile payment gateway

What is a mobile payment gateway? Payments terminology and jargon can be confusing, so let us clarify them for you. In this video, our CEO, Dennis Jones, explains how a gateway works and discusses the benefits of a mobile specific gateway.

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How to design a checkout process that fits your business model

Would you believe that five basic rules alone can increase your checkout conversion by 6x!

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8 simple tips to maximise mobile payment conversions

In this video, Dennis Jones, CEO of judo, gives you tips to increase your payment conversions.

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