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Stats and facts about Apple Pay 2015

As Tim Cook said, 2015 will be ‘the year of Apple Pay’. So let have a quick look at how Apple Pay has been doing since its launch. Here are some stats and facts about Apple Pay, from support from banks to consumers adoption.

How to improve a checkout journey on mobile (in 9 steps)

Whether a customer abandons the checkout process within a mobile application largely depends on the usability of the checkout design. We have identified top 9 principles that should be kept in mind while you design a mobile checkout experience.

BLE vs. NFC: What they are and why they matter

BLE, NFC, HCE, … there have been so many acronyms being thrown around in the mobile payments scene lately. Are you aware of what they are and how each of them works? Don’t worry if you are a little overwhelmed and confused by all the new payment technology, you are not alone. Read more

Mobile payment 2015

Mobile Payments Today recently released this infographic to show how mobile payments are being applied today. Consumers are already embracing the technology and want to make it a part of their daily lives.

Are you as a business ready today to delight your consumers?

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Rising opportunities in mobile payments

Products, price, accessibility and user experience drive m-commerce conversions. UK is 2nd in line to the US in the m-commerce space. Bridging that gap is absolutely necessary to increase revenue and secure a better and brighter economic future.

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