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Web payments by judo

People want to buy things from their mobile phones, but most companies make it far too hard. judo helps solve this problem with judoPay Web – simple, secure payment solution for web apps, mobile web and mobile optimised websites. Jump right in to experience web payments here.
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Mobile payments – The future and your security

By · 05 October, 2013

Chip and PIN machines are losing their grip in the payments industry, thanks to mobile payments gaining momentum and promising to make daily transactions much quicker and more convenient. But even the smoothest payment method will be shunned if people have little confidence in its security. So when it comes to your card details, what level of safety can you expect in the near future?

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A new age of mobile payments is coming – But are we ready?

By · 10 September, 2013

mobile payments system seems like a really cool idea. The idea that a customer can pay for goods by simply waving their mobile phone close to the checkout to complete the transaction. The sale will be over in a flash and then you can be out of the door in a flash. Done and dusted. This is the future and it looks like one that is worth embracing.

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