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Judo Payments raises £6M to drive expansion in mobile commerce sector

Early adopters of Judo’s mobile-first payments platform include fast food restaurant chain KFC and coffee shop Harris + Hoole

Judo Payments (“Judo”,, Europe’s only mobile-first payments platform, today announces it has successfully closed an additional £6M in funding to drive growth in the rapidly expanding mobile commerce sector.  The first institutional funding round was led by financial technology venture capital firm Route 66 Ventures.

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Sell more. Risk less. – judo releases revamped Website and Documentations page

Sell more risk less

Today marks the release of our revamped website and an overhaul to attend to the needs to our ever growing customer base.  We’ve been busy making sure we are able to communicate what we do in a clear, succinct way. We are different to any other payments provider, here’s how:

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7 things to consider when choosing your card payments provider

With so many different card payment solutions available out there, it can get pretty overwhelming trying to pick one that fits for your business best. Here are 7 things to consider when you shop for a card payment provider:

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8 common PCI compliance mistakes and how to avoid them

Last week, we saw LifeLock pulled its mobile wallet app from all app stores due to PCI compliance concerns. Security scare can easily break trust in a brand, but with some effort, such nightmare can be prevented. Here are 8 common PCI compliance mistakes and how you can avoid them. Because defence is the best offence when it comes to payment security.

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5 mobile commerce myths – busted!

There are a whole load of myths and rumours circling the world of m-commerce right now. One thing we know for sure is that mobile is growing exponentially. Forrester research suggests that we will spend $293 billion (~£174 billion) on mobile by 2018 and will overtake traditional e-commerce.

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Keeping safe on the mobile map

By · 18 March, 2014

Walking through a dodgy neighbourhood twenty years ago could see you losing your wallet and maybe a few teeth – those were the days!

Now there is much more at stake and the risks are not just on the bad side of town; in fact, our research shows that in the mobile age we are just as vulnerable on the high-street as we are down the side-alley.

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