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Our top favourite apps

By · 25 February, 2014

At judo, mobile apps are at the forefront with every project we take on. Analysing the apps potential, the interface and ingredients to it is key. Apps on any mobile device need to serve a purpose and fill the needs of the user or customer. We have lined up our favourite m-commerce apps from 2013, these have complimented our daily lives and activities and you would struggle to believe how you survived without them!

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Financial Services moving to mobile first – surely you can’t be serious

By · 03 February, 2014

I recently talked about ‘mobile’s disruption of commerce’ at Masterclassing, part of Mobile Marketing’s events in London, which focused on mobile in the financial services space. Major banks, Investment companies and insurance folks attended. Other speakers included app development companies, full scale marketing agencies and senior banking figures.  BPKH7G4U3YFV

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Right here, right now – capturing the mobile customer

By · 14 January, 2014

‘Tablets have become the mobile device choice for consumers shopping online. Those using tablets treat them like a PC, comparing products and making purchases,’ writes Laurie Sullivan at, a view backed by stats informing us that ‘online shoppers are three times more likely to make a purchase on a tablet compared with a smartphone’ and that ‘Tablets drive about 20% more average spending than smartphones.’ BPKH7G4U3YFV

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