Topic: Mobile strategy

Growth of m-commerce

M-commerce has become part of our lives. In fact, its overtaking e-commerce. Retailers must understand what their customers prefer.

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Handy resources for mobile app developers

The endless information out there for app developers can be really exhausting. This infographic captures 32 resources you will find handy and memorable.

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How SMBs are going mobile

The value of mobile technology is becoming second nature. The biggest impact is on small businesses in particular.

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Native vs web app

The choice of deployment model needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis. Each business will have different requirements that will govern which deployment model works best for your business.

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Ingredients of a successful mobile app

Mobile pundits often say that consumers use mobile to research and compare but go on desktops to process the transaction. The burning question is why? It has been made into such a challenge to do a simple action: buy.

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