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Closing the conversion gap on your mobile channels

Two weeks ago at Apps World, I sat on a panel with representatives from Verifone and Braintree to chat about building mobile payment strategies for retailers to have a better customer experience. One of the questions asked was, ‘What technologies on mobile should retailers be investing in?’. I wanted to share my thought process with you but to answer this question, I think we need to take a step back and first look at how mobile is different from other channels.

Mobile is design-led. On mobile you’re working with limited screen real estate, and customers have shorter attention span. 67% of people are more likely to complete a purchase on a mobile optimised site and are more likely to be loyal customers. Optimising your customers’ experience on the mobile screen is paramount and you should aim to solve any problems of your most loyal customers. And no, it’s not just shrinking your e-commerce solution down to fit into the mobile screen.

With this being said, you need to make sure the business is ready to support the change of experiences for the customer.  This means you need to understand how a mobile strategy will affect your operational processes and the customer service in physical locations.  You must TRAIN YOUR STAFF which is sometimes overlooked.

All of that applies to payments on mobile as well. How many times have you gone on to a responsive site to buy something, but abandoned the purchase because the payment form has too many fields or the payment page takes too long to load? And as if that wasn’t enough that the customer is presented with the sexy (not) 3-D secure screen. If you have developed a mobile responsive site, why would you risk losing your customers to poor design during the critical stage of payments? It just doesn’t make sense.

That is why we’ve built judoResponsive. It is built from scratch for mobile, making the payment experience on your mobile or responsive site simple, fast, and more secure. It comes with the usual good stuff that exists across all of our payment solutions – Smart card type detection, real-time data entry error detection, one tap payment for returning customers. On top of that, our hosted payment page is 1/10th the size of a traditional mobile checkout.

The big news is we’ve made it customisable, so our clients can tailor the payment pages to match their branding. This makes the entire customer journey as seamless as possible on any device. Here’s an example payment page using judoResponsive:

Before customisation (on PC screen)

judo Web Payment

After basic customisation (on PC screen)

KFC Web Payment

Before customisation (on mobile screen)

judo Web Payment (on mobile)

After basic customisation (on mobile screen)


With the time and money you have invested into it, surely your mobile/responsive site deserves a payment solution that matches the mobile optimised customer experience that you’ve set out to provide. If you want to take judoResponsive out for a test drive, here’s a demo. Go on, take it for a spin. Or even better, try it out on your mobile phone.

So, going back to that question asked during the panel – ‘What technologies on mobile should retailers be investing in?’. It is essential to invest into mobile technologies that is the right fit for your brand.  Anything that is built for mobile needs to be solving a problem or improving the experiences of your loyal customers.  For an established brand, mobile should not be a customer/user acquisition tool but a way to give back to your most important customers.

About Judopay · Judopay simplifies in-app payments, enable frictionless checkouts and intelligently prevents fraud for leading companies globally. Our payments and mobile experts help guide businesses and their development partners to create best in class apps to make paying faster, easier and more secure. Founded by serial financial technology entrepreneurs in 2012, Judopay is backed by leading venture investors and supported by banking and card scheme partners to offer in-app payments that are simple, frictionless and protected.

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