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How app developers can win clients

Finding viable new clients for your mobile app is tough enough. Then there’s the not-so-small matter of convincing them why mobile is so important anyway – what with only 1 in 10 UK retailers even bothering to optimise their website for mobile – and on top of that you’ve then got to make them see why an optimised web doesn’t really cut it anyway, what they need is a whole other platform, namely the app you’re going to build for them.

Tips on how app developers can win clients

All signs point towards attitudes to mobile shifting, but right now there is no such thing as an easy sale for app developers. Yet there are ways of establishing yourself as a reputable player in this fierce market. In this blog we’re going to share some of the tips we’ve picked up through working with a large pool of app developers on a daily basis.

The hired gun

Your apps might be the best there is. The slickest, fastest, most innovative and intuitive. So what? There are hundreds of others claiming the exact same thing – and their clients don’t find out the truth until it’s too late. However great your product is, you need someone who can communicate that greatness to a large portfolio of contacts. This ‘hired gun’ dedicates their days to convincing potential clients of the

superiority of your designs and why that matters to them (conversion rates, customer satisfaction, etc.) Unfortunately in this space it isn’t enough to have the best service, you need someone pushing that service day-in and day-out with phone campaigns, email marketing, and face-to-face meet ups. You are not selling your apps to other app developers. Your clients have a whole different range of concerns. You need someone who understands those concerns and can address them effectively in a sales pitch.

The meet up

There is a risk of app developers becoming a bit insular, falling behind the trends that fall outside their direct concern but not that of their potential clients. Hackathons and meetups are great places to attune yourself to the detailed goings on in your industry. Talking to these like-minded people really can prove invaluable, whether it be their complaints giving you ideas, or their solutions making you think ‘I know how I could do that even better.’ If you want to dive into this culture, we recommend looking at sites such as

AppsJunction where you can advertise your services whilst getting updated about events in your area, see expert speakers and even sign up to be a speaker – spread the word.

The blog post

Blogs are a developer’s best friend for keeping up with what everyone is gushing about this week and complaining about the next. Read a few resources a week and pretty soon you’ll start to get a sense of the culture. You’ll start to notice patterns, meaning you can start to predict patterns before they occur and tailor your solutions accordingly. Developers tend to make great blog writers. It is a fantastic and cost-effective way of self-promotion. Nobody knows the tech side of it like you do – but we all want to know that info! So put it down in clear and engaging terms. Keep it simple: find a problem, offer a solution. If you do this effectively and consistently you’ll soon start to notice the effects (even if this just starts with people posting your blog post as their own somewhere else.) Whatever type of blog you choose to write, remember to be personable and give truly useful information – imagine your ideal potential client reading it? What impression do you think it will leave them with?

Don’t expect immediate results and don’t give up after trying just one of the above. You’re building something here. It takes time. Creating brand awareness is a long-term objective, but once you’ve made that first break-through – a few solid clients, some great apps – you’ll start to really feel the effectiveness that a blog post or speaking at a workshop can bring. But lastly, don’t forget to utilise those clients – get great referrals and have their apps as demonstration pieces with which you can show future leads.

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