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How iOS 9 will improve Apple Pay


1. Added support for loyalty cards, giving you another reason to keep using Apple Pay


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iOS 9 will give you the ability to add brand loyalty cards into Wallet (the new Passbook), so you can earn and redeem rewards while paying with Apple Pay. This is an important improvement because now consumers will have another reason to choose Apple Pay as their payment method of choice. Not only is Apple Pay easy, quick and secure, it is now also rewarding to use.

2. You can access your registered cards right from the locked screen


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Users of the Apple Watch have all been raving about how fast and easy they can pay with Apple Pay on their watches. On the Apple Watch, users can double-press the power button to pull up registered cards and pay quickly via NFC, without having to access any app.

With iOS9, you will be able to the exact same thing on your iPhone. Simply double-press the Home button quickly when your iPhone is locked, and your registered credit/debit cards and loyalty cards will be pulled up, so you can quickly select a card and pay.

Turning this feature on or off is easy too. Open Settings, then navigate to Touch ID & Passcode. Type in your device passcode, then scroll down to Allow Access When Locked: and switch Wallet on or off.


3. New ‘Low Power Mode’ is going to come in handy


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There have been concerns about using Apple Pay to tap in at turnstiles at Underground stations when the phone is on low power status. Commuters were advised to make sure that they have enough battery on their iPhone to complete their journey. If they don’t and their phone runs out of battery in the middle of their journey, they will not be able to touch out, and hence a maximum fare will be charged.

Awkward. But fret not, this new feature on iOS 9 might be able to help prevent that from happening. The ‘Low Power Mode’ on this new OS update will give you the ability to preserve your battery for desperate times. When enabled, features like background app refresh and push services will be paused until you charge your device.

When your iPhone battery status reaches 20%, a notification will pop up to urge you to enable Low Power Mode. Our advice is make sure you enable that before you get on the tube.


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