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Shopping at your finger tips: How to spread the joy of retail therapy through a mobile phone

By · 29 April, 2014

Shopping used to be an all-day activity. It completely took over our Saturdays as we stalked up and down the high streets and around the malls – only to find they don’t have that t-shirt in your size or those curtains in the colour you wanted. We lugged heavy shopping bags around, with sore feet and a sorer wallet – we’re paying the RRP on everything, after all.

E-commerce made another way of shopping possible, all we needed was a few minutes to sit down at our PC. But now it’s time for the m-commerce revolution, streamlining that process further still by cutting your ties to the desktop.

A few minutes is all you need in the m-commerce world, wherever you happen to be, and with the top players on the mobile scene you often don’t even need that much – the whole process can be completed in seconds. Among those getting it right are SHAREIGHT, producers of an app allowing people to view and pay for items from multiple retailer websites from a single platform. The user selects what they’re interested in buying and the app returns a list of likely goods from a variety of different brands and stores. SHAREIGHT is a hit because it’s easy to use, intuitive and keeps the user in the app at all times – there’s no redirecting to slow loading websites every time you click a link.

Clique are another cool outfit that are actively engaging with their customer base. If a user is flicking through their favourite fashion magazine and they see something they like, Clique allows them to purchase that product directly using a simple “look, scan, buy” approach. This is an immediate and impulsive experience for the consumer and shows a real understanding of what m-commerce is great for.

Amazon’s SnapTell is also making things easier for its users. SnapTell aims to eliminate the aimless mall wandering by getting users to take a picture of any product on their phone and then showing prices, user reviews and nearby locations for where that product can be purchased.

What makes these apps so appealing is they take out the hard work for the customer. Their focus is entirely aimed at making the consumer’s experience as simple, quick and fun as possible. This is retail therapy at its most effective – facilitating impulsive purchases with a seamless process and therefore giving their customer a real buzz.

Yet so many big retail players have yet to understand this fundamental change in consumer habits. In the UK, 98% of the nation’s top 50 retailers are failing to offer websites that are responsive across all devices and platforms. This is staggering considering that a third of all UK website hits are coming from smartphones and tablets. UK smartphone users want to purchase goods with their device, but UK retailers just aren’t letting them!

There are no ifs, buts or maybes about m-commerce. It is happening. Retailers, by hook or by crook, will have to adapt. Verdict Research predicts that UK spending via mobile phones and tablets will grow to £23.1 billion by 2018. The most successful players in this field will be those understand what makes mobile unique and the fundamental changes this has brought about in consumers. The successful leaders in this field will be those that make shopping the most seamless – and most fun – experience for their customers. Don’t make your customer’s work to buy your products or services, make sure your approach is customer first by making sure it’s mobile first.

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Judo has been great to work with. Very supportive of our product and the needs of our business during a seamless payment integration process for our app. They have a great understanding of the mobile industry.

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