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No matter what industry you are in, judo can provide you with a simple, quick, and secure way to process transactions. Our clients have benefited from our mobile-first approach to payment solutions. Get inspired to start your own mobile success story now .

Harris + Hoole

Harris+Hoole (H+H) have established themselves as a high-end, rapid growing chain of artisanal coffee shops. Currently, H+H has 29 stores across the UK and expects to double that number in 2014.

H + H brought together an ecosystem of solution providers to deliver their next generation digital experience. This  included  mobile apps, back-end POS systems, and in-house CRM systems that all needed to communicate seamlessly.

judo has been selected as the one-tap payment solution to integrate with the app. H&H loves judo because of:

Our expertise in both payments and mobile.

Focus on consumer design and delivery of best in class UX for payments.

High level of security built specifically for mobile.

Our ability to provide a high level of service and consultation.

H&H is growing rapidly – doubling store count in 2014, and to be included in all new Tesco stores – and will be pushing customers on to using their app, aligning with the overall experience they are delivering.

“Offering H+H consumers a way to pay via the mobile app is a compelling part of our overall customer journey. judo was chosen to help H+H develop an easy to use and secure charging interface which allows our customers to get even more value.”

Danielle Anderson,
Director of Digital Experience



Countrywide is the UK’s largest multi-function estate agency. They operate through 45+ brands across every region of the UK, serving both commercial and private property owners.

Countrywide was seeking a flexible solution that enables agents to accept payments from anywhere at anytime. The old payment process suffered from PCI compliance risk and high percentage of abandoned payments, resulting in lost deals.

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