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The barriers to mobile checkout and how you can remove them

Check out on mobile can be bitter-sweet. People may be shopping on their phones more than ever before, but conversion rates on mobile remain stubbornly low. The main challenge is to create a process that is as convenient, if not more so, than other methods. We have all heard that m-commerce is a revolution and represents the future of purchasing goods and services online. But did you know that up to 66% of payments started on a mobile device are abandoned due to problems encountered during checkout?

The mobile checkout experience is complicated and comes with its own unique set of reasons why payments are often not completed

Check out the chart below which shows the reasons people are put-off when making a mobile payment.

Cart abandonment reasonsThe reasons why a person abandons a mobile payment are varied and wide-reaching. This is an area that needs improvement if business owners are to begin embracing mobile as a sales point.

With all of this to keep in mind, how does your app avoid these issues and create a mobile optimized and user friendly checkout experience?

  • Deliver a simple, seamless design – Keep design across the entire app consistent to help raise brand awareness. Don’t give over the look or control of your checkout page!
  • Don’t redirect people – you worked hard to get people using your app and purchasing from it. Why would you want them redirected at the crucial spending stage? You want your business name to be stuck in their minds!
  • Make any errors easy for the customer to fix – if data is entered wrongly the customer needs clear instructions as to what went wrong and how they can fix it. Not allowing a customer to easily correct their mistakes leads to a frustrated person likely to look elsewhere.
  • Only ask for essential information – You want your app to be slick and beautiful. Don’t clutter the screen with unnecessary data fields. It is likely to turn off a potential customer, looking for a speedy checkout. A report published by Forrester found that 11% of U.S. adults abandoned an online purchase because they either didn’t want to register or the site was asking for too much information. Everyone has struggled at some time with the small screen size of a smart phone; customers trying to enter info to make a payment on their smartphone experience the same frustration! Creating an account, including billing and shipping information, entering all card details and getting it all right first time is often just too difficult on a mobile device.
  • Show the customer how secure your checkout system is – When your personal data is involved customer want to know what security measures you have in place to protect them. A survey by eConsultancy found that 58% of respondents dropped out of the checkout page due to concerns about payment security. Delivering a consistent design and not redirecting people to a third party checkout page are important steps in building trust with potential customers. You also want to comply with PCI security standards and make this clear on your checkout page.
  • Make sure to have simple clear Calls to Action: Don’t leave your customer guessing what to do next! Make it crystal clear whether they can ‘add to basket’ or ‘proceed to checkout’. Also be sure to make any shipping or extra charges very clear. Any ambiguity in this area can lead to very frustrated customers.

It is clear that giving your customer a smooth, integrated and secure checkout experience will boost your conversion and turn ‘window-shoppers’ in to buyers. Think about the bad checkout experiences you have had when using a mobile device and keep these in mind when creating your consumer app. Avoid lengthy processes and don’t ask for too much information up front. Make your checkout page look and feel the same as the rest of your app.  Don’t make the customer leave your app to complete payment. Create clear calls to action – don’t leave your customer guessing about how to purchase!

About Judopay · Judopay simplifies in-app payments, enable frictionless checkouts and intelligently prevents fraud for leading companies globally. Our payments and mobile experts help guide businesses and their development partners to create best in class apps to make paying faster, easier and more secure. Founded by serial financial technology entrepreneurs in 2012, Judopay is backed by leading venture investors and supported by banking and card scheme partners to offer in-app payments that are simple, frictionless and protected.

Image source: Google, Our Mobile Planet

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