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Web payments by judo

People want to buy things from their mobile phones, but most companies make it far too hard. judo helps solve this problem with judoPay Web – simple, secure payment solution for web apps, mobile web and mobile optimised websites. Jump right in to experience web payments here.

In our (simplistic) view of the world, native apps are for customer loyalty while mobile web is for customer acquisition.  Some companies do both, some only do one.  We can help drive higher conversion no matter what your choice.


Many businesses are struggling with the rapid shift from desktop to mobile. Did you know only 25% of UK brands have a mobile strategy, yet approximately 50% of traffic is now coming from mobile.

Not having a mobile strategy is a big problem today because:

  • 67% of people are more likely to complete a purchase on a mobile friendly site 1
  • Mobile optimised websites receive 85% more return visits 2
  • Almost a third of customers will abandon a favourite company for a competitor rather than use a non-optimised site 3

It’s a lesson UK retailers are slowly learning: what works for a desktop PC does not work for mobile web, tablet or native app. We’re thrilled to be able to offer our uniquely mobile-specific payment solution for websites, which includes the best features of our native app solution. While we believe that native apps will always be better than mobile web or web apps (see this great article for further explanation), a great checkout experience should be one of your leading priorities in every environment.

The basics

Without getting into the knitty gritty here (we’ve saved that for our documentation), the below visual walks you through the information exchange that goes on in the background of a successful web payment. The API is extremely easy to integrate and the payment is processed within seconds. When your customer is ready to make their payment, they’re passed to judo’s mobile optimised and intuitive card entry screen and then handed back to your site once the payment has been processed. The seamless transitions ensure an impeccable user experience.


Key features include:

  • Incredibly light page size for rapid loading
  • Automated ‘right keyboard, right time’
  • Auto card type detection
  • Real-time card number validation
  • Real-time expiry date validation
  • Clean, simple design with security messages
  • Simple, rapid integration

The results

Easier card entry. Faster transaction speeds. Higher conversion. Happier customers.

How to get started

We’ve created a simulation of our judoPay Web checkout here. Take a look and if you get a chance give it a try on your smartphone.

If you’re ready to start offering your customers a mobile-optimised payment solution for your website, checkout our documentation and contact us to get our web payments API and SDK.

About Judopay · Judopay simplifies in-app payments, enable frictionless checkouts and intelligently prevents fraud for leading companies globally. Our payments and mobile experts help guide businesses and their development partners to create best in class apps to make paying faster, easier and more secure. Founded by serial financial technology entrepreneurs in 2012, Judopay is backed by leading venture investors and supported by banking and card scheme partners to offer in-app payments that are simple, frictionless and protected.

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m-com snapshots


are more likely to complete a purchase through a mobile friendly site


of all UK sales comes from mobile

Judo made it incredibly easy to integrate card acceptance into our client’ s iOS application. We were impressed by the user optimised interfaces that conformed to the excellent level of design.

Stuart Scott
CEO, Intohand

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