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Ashima Kudaisya

Ashima is the mother of our marketing team. With an engineering background, Ashima decided to pursue her passion and apply her analytical abilities to marketing instead. She oversees the marketing efforts at judo with a sharp eye. Easily bribable with the right snack.



Xamarin Evolve 2016 re-cap — What we saw and learnt

Judo participated at Xamarin Evolve this year in Orlando. Since Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin, this space has gotten hotter so we decided to be in the midst of the action and leverage the hard work we have done thus far on this platform. Below I interview Janice and Luke, who represented judo at Evolve, to capture their thoughts from the event.

judo xamarin evolve

What did you think of the Keynote?

Luke: I really enjoyed it, I think it just shows the strength of the platform that, even with Build a month earlier lifting the veil on a lot of .NET news and Xamarin’s big bombshell for the year, they had a lot to talk about. I liked Miguel’s presentation better but that’s just cause he got to hand out all the developer goodies.

Janice: I thought it was a really well structured delivered keynote, it set the tone for the rest of the conference, strengthened the case for cross-platform native development, and addressed the implications of the recent acquisition head on. The whole theme of end-to-end DevOps lifecycle management gave context and framed the new features announcement nicely. Also, the slides were beautiful, big kudos to their design team, I was mesmerised by the color palette!

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How a retailer’s mobile app could be its best friend

How many apps do you have on your phone? I have tons and  I am constantly thinking of ways businesses can make them better.  ‘Was this specifically designed for users?’ is what I think businesses should keep in mind at the designing stage of app development. The below article captures my thoughts very well.

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Apps and merchants and payments, Oh my!

By · 11 April, 2014

Karen Webster, CEO of Market Platform Dynamics has written some outstanding articles in the payments industry. Below is one of her articles we wanted to share with you on retailers moving to mobile commerce.

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Web payments by judo

People want to buy things from their mobile phones, but most companies make it far too hard. judo helps solve this problem with judoPay Web – simple, secure payment solution for web apps, mobile web and mobile optimised websites. Jump right in to experience web payments here.
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