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Dennis Jones

Dennis is judo’s CEO. He is also a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about consumer experience, design, and all things mobile. When he’s not busy leading judo at the speed of mobile, he can be found skiing in the Alps.



Don’t forget the unicorns, work with them instead.

Work with unicorns

 Last week, James Quinn, the Group Business Editor of Telegraph Media Group, wrote that Domino’s Pizza is ‘far more valuable a digital company than any tech unicorn’ (read the full piece here). It is a good opinion piece, and we agree that Domino’s has seen major success in their investment in digital and mobile channels (we like what they did with their app, we even wrote about it here). However, it is rather concerning that one of our country’s leading business voices doesn’t seem to buy into the future of London: ‘so-called unicorn tech companies’.

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Apple Pay is coming to the UK


Never before has buying goods and services using your mobile device been easier or more secure.

Apple confirmed earlier today the much anticipated geographic expansion of Apple Pay to include consumers and businesses based in the U.K. Launching in July with over 250,000 merchants and many of the banks that issue debit and credit cards to UK consumers, the service looks ready to kick off with a big impact.

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Boring but important: What Google’s Android Pay will mean for mobile commerce

Late last week, Google held its annual developer conference, dubbed I/O 15, where the data-obsessed tech giant unveiled the much expected Android Pay.  In short, Google has matched the offering of Apple Pay™ allowing consumers to pay easily and securely both in store (using NFC) and in-app (using fingerprint authentication).  Android Pay was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress in March following the acquisition of Softcard from a consortium of US TelCo operators.

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Mobile Network Operators revised attempt in digital commerce

For the past few years, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) such as Vodafone and Verizon have been working hard to take a slice of the global commerce pie by advocating the secure SIMs in our phones as the centre of payments.  But with U.S. operators throwing in the towel with the sale of Softcard to Google and companies like judo providing secure hardware-free payments, the MNOs are beginning to recognise that their monetisation ticket may lie in their massive number of customer relationships coupled with global, open communication standards and coordination via the GSMA.

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Apple Pay provides increased confidence to invest in mobile


“Apple disrupts payments with Apple Pay.” “Turns out Apple Pay isn’t really disrupting anything” “Apple Pay: The Next form of Currency.” “Has Apple Pay Arrived too late?”

The past week has been on fire with bold headlines (including the above) surrounding the announcement of Apple Pay in the US market alongside the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. Response to the announcement has ranged from world-changing to insignificant. So what is really going on here? And what does it mean for the technology partners and businesses that judo works with?

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My smartphone is changing your business

By · 18 December, 2013

On my way home from work yesterday, I ordered food through JustEat with a few taps. Half way home, the tube broke down (sigh) and I found myself racing my fellow minions to the surface to find alternate transport. With Hailo, I had my taxi booked and paid in two taps and avoided the awfully long line at Paddington. Annoyed by my delay, but glad to be on a direct path home, I rewarded myself by booking tickets to an up and coming pianist on YPlan for later that evening. Two taps and the tickets were in my phone.

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A new age of mobile payments is coming – But are we ready?

By · 10 September, 2013

mobile payments system seems like a really cool idea. The idea that a customer can pay for goods by simply waving their mobile phone close to the checkout to complete the transaction. The sale will be over in a flash and then you can be out of the door in a flash. Done and dusted. This is the future and it looks like one that is worth embracing.

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judo payments announces final round winners of £1 million prize for UK app developers

By · 05 August, 2013

judo Payments, the UK’s leading card payment provider for mobile commerce, today announced it has chosen the final five winners of its £1 million competition for British based start-up companies building apps for Android and Apple smartphones. Each company will receive £100,000 in free credit and debit card processing through judo’s backend mobile payments system, which will make it easy for consumers to pay for products and services on their apps.

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