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At judo, we love to share knowledge and help steer you through all things mobile. Every month one of our team members simplifies a topic that we get asked and walks you through it.

AppCommerce with Judo and Xamarin | Webinar

Learn how to integrate faster and more secure mobile payments into your apps with Judo and Xamarin.

Implement Apple Pay in 7 minutes with Judo

Learn how easy it is to implement Apple Pay with the Judo SDKs

Getting started with Apple Pay with Judo

In this video we discuss the basics of Apple Pay and what is required to get started with using Apple Pay both in-app (card not present) and in-store (card present).

Apple Pay payment flow

Find out what happens when you make a payment using Apple Pay. This video overviews the flow that an Apple Pay payment takes.

How to register a card on Apple Pay

Find out how to register a card on Apple Pay

Judo made it incredibly easy to integrate card acceptance into our client’ s iOS application. We were impressed by the user optimised interfaces that conformed to the excellent level of design.

Stuart Scott
CEO, Intohand

m-com snapshots


increase would be seen in the number of commerce apps if integrating card payments was simpler.

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