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State of the in-app payment experience


‘Aaarghh – why are they asking me for all this, all I want is to pay!’

I am often heard growling something along those lines (swearing omitted), when I try to complete a payment from my phone.

As the UX lead at Judopay, when faced with poor checkout experiences – that, I some years ago might have accepted as the painful way of things – now invoke similar reactions in me as when my older relatives are having ‘computer problems’, blood pressure included. read more



8 month report card: How is everyone liking ‘em Apple Pay?

Since Tim Cook’s announcement in September last year, Apple Pay has been the hot topic in payments and tech industry conversations. Apple’s answer to mobile payments caused much speculation on how it will change the payments industry. While Apple Pay is not exactly disruptive or innovative (it uses pre-existing technology), it will accelerate the rapid change in consumers’ behaviour and increase mobile commerce adoption.

We’re now at the end of the 8th month after its announcement, how is Apple Pay faring so far? Let’s have a quick look.

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Sell more. Risk less. – judo releases revamped Website and Documentations page

Sell more risk less

Today marks the release of our revamped website and an overhaul to attend to the needs to our ever growing customer base.  We’ve been busy making sure we are able to communicate what we do in a clear, succinct way. We are different to any other payments provider, here’s how:

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7 things to consider when choosing your card payments provider

With so many different card payment solutions available out there, it can get pretty overwhelming trying to pick one that fits for your business best. Here are 7 things to consider when you shop for a card payment provider:

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8 common PCI compliance mistakes and how to avoid them

Last week, we saw LifeLock pulled its mobile wallet app from all app stores due to PCI compliance concerns. Security scare can easily break trust in a brand, but with some effort, such nightmare can be prevented. Here are 8 common PCI compliance mistakes and how you can avoid them. Because defence is the best offence when it comes to payment security.

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Is mobile specific fraud a real problem

By · 02 April, 2014

The rapid growth of mobile as a first channel for commerce offers challenges and opportunities for accepting payments. The potential for fraud on mobile is high, so what can you do to manage risk?

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